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A Stranger Among Us

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Summary: A hard-as-nails female cop finds her world turned upside down when a case sends her undercover into New York's Hasidic Jewish community. Investigating the disappearance of a diamond-district employee, she realizes that a crime was committed by a member of the community, and goes to live on the inside with the head rabbi and his family...including his handsome, celibate son. With Melanie Griffith, Eric Thal, Mia Sara, John Pankow, Jamey Sheridan and Tracey Pollan. Directed by Sidney Lumet; written by Robert J. Avrech. (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

CAST : Melanie Griffith,Eric Thal,Mia Sara,John Pankow,Jamey Sheridan,Tracey Pollan

PRODUCER : Steve Golin,Howard Rosenman,Sigurjon Sighvatsson,Carol Baum,Sandy Gallin

WRITER : Robert J. Avrech

DIRECTOR : Sidney Lumet

Genre : Crime