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Alien 3

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Summary: When Sigourney Weaver's spacecraft crash-lands on a prison planet, she thinks things are as bad as they're going to get: the inhabitants are murderers, rapists and thieves. But she doesn't know about her craft's stowaway, the only other survivor of the crash: the vicious alien life form that lives to kill! As the body count rises, the desperate humans band together for survival. But with no weapons on the planet, how can they fight? With Charles Dance. (R) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Gordon Carroll,David Giler,Walter Hill,Ezra Swerdlow

CAST : Sigourney Weaver,Charles S. Dutton,Charles Dance,Paul McGann,Lance Henriksen,Pete Postlethwaite

WRITER : David Giler,Walter Hill,Larry Ferguson,Vincent Ward,Dan O'Bannon,Ronald Shusett

DIRECTOR : David Fincher

Genre : Horror