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Summary: Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole are old friends...and old hands at running bad guys out of towns where they're not wanted. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen star as the mercenaries who let their guns do the talking in this gripping western. Hired as lawmen by the fearful elders of rural Appaloosa, the pair face off against a devious rancher who is as clever as he is evil. Renee Zellweger co-stars as a beguiling dame who steals Virgil's heart...and lands in the middle of the conflict. Also with Jeremy Irons (as the nefarious Randall Bragg), Timothy Spall and Lance Henriksen. Directed by Ed Harris; screenplay by Robert Knott & Ed Harris, based on the novel by Robert B. Parker. (R) ()

PRODUCER : Ed Harris,Robert Knott,Ginger Sledge,Michael London,Toby Emmerich,Sam Brown,Caldecot Chubb

CAST : Viggo Mortensen,Ed Harris,Renee Zellweger,Jeremy Irons,Timothy Spall,Lance Henriksen

WRITER : Robert Knott,Ed Harris,Robert B. Parker

DIRECTOR : Ed Harris

Genre : Romance