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Carlito's Way: Rise to Power

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Summary: In this action-packed prequel to Brian De Palma's classic 1993 crime epic "Carlito's Way," the early years of Puerto Rican gangster Carlito Brigante (Jay Hernandez) are chronicled as he muscles in on the drug trade and quickly rises to become Spanish Harlem's cocaine kingpin. Co-starring Mario Van Peebles, Luis Guzman, Michael Kelly and Sean Combs. Written for the screen and directed by Michael Bregman; based on the novel by Edwin Torres. (R) (AC,GL,GV,N)

PRODUCER : Martin Bregman,Michael Bregman

CAST : Jay Hernandez,Mario Van Peebles,Luis Guzman,Michael Kelly,Sean Combs

WRITER : Michael Bregman,Edwin Torres

DIRECTOR : Michael Bregman

Genre : Crime