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Summary: Left blinded by a childhood accident and orphaned by a vicious crime boss, Matt Murdock (Affleck) has grown up with a single goal in mind: revenge. Based on the classic Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett comes this action-drama that follows the adventures of Murdock--a crime-fighting New York City lawyer by day and a masked superhero named Daredevil by night. Led by his ultra-enhanced remaining senses and his incredible acrobatic abilities, Murdock exacts vigilante justice on evildoers who escape the system...while vowing to hunt down the elusive crime lord Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan). Jennifer Garner (TV's Alias) and Colin Farrell (Phone Booth) co-star. Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Simon Birch). (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Avi Arad,Gary Foster,Arnon Milchan,Stan Lee,Bernie Williams

CAST : Ben Affleck,Jennifer Garner,Michael Clarke Duncan,Colin Farrell

WRITER : Mark Steven Johnson

DIRECTOR : Mark Steven Johnson

Genre : Crime