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Summary: Here's a funny little film about a boy and his...zombie! Set in a 1950s-style world where zombies have been turned into pets and menial workers, this "madly funny" comedy "for moviegoers who don't mind gnawed-off limbs with their high jinks" (New Yorker) follows the story of a little boy whose beloved pet zombie 'Fido' malfunctions, leading to flesh-eating chaos. Starring Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker, K'Sun Ray with Henry Czerny and Tim Blake Nelson. Directed by Andrew Currie; written by Robert Chomiak & Andrew Currie & Dennis Heaton. (R) (AC,V)

PRODUCER : Blake Corbet,Mary Anne Waterhouse,Peter Block,Patrick Cassavetti,Jason Constantine,Shelley Gillen,Daniel Iron

CAST : Carrie-Anne Moss,Billy Connolly,Dylan Baker,K'Sun Ray,Henry Czerny,Tim Blake Nelson

WRITER : Robert Chomiak,Andrew Currie,Dennis Heaton

DIRECTOR : Andrew Currie

Genre : Horror