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Flight of the Conchords 04: Yoko

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Summary: Murray is perturbed when Bret cancels a band tour of building rotundas to be with his girlfriend Coco. Things get worse when Jemaine follows suit, choosing to be an active participant (or third wheel, depending on your POV) on Bret and Coco's dates. All goes well for a while--Jemaine even offers constructive revisions to Bret's two-hour love song to Coco--but eventually Bret asks his mate to leave him alone, at least during his dates. Jemaine's subsequent dismay, coupled with the betrayal felt by the band's lone fan, Mel (who has a crush on Bret), threatens the band's future. When Coco sits in on a band meeting (bringing sandwiches and a cool Conchords poster), Jemaine accuses her of being Yoko-esque, prompting Bret's angry departure. Ultimately, recognizing his partner is indispensable, Jemaine tracks down Bret to ask him back in the band--under one condition. (TV14) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Jemaine Clement,Bret McKenzie,James Bobin,Troy Miller,Stu Smiley,Anna Dokoza

CAST : Jemaine Clement,Bret McKenzie

WRITER : James Bobin,Jemaine Clement,Bret McKenzie

DIRECTOR : Troy Miller

Genre : Comedy