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From Hell

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Summary: The foggy streets of 19th-century London are brought to eerie new life in this bone-chilling Jack-the-Ripper story based on the graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell. Johnny Depp stars as an inspector whose growing opium addiction fuels a curious psychic ability that enables him to see through the twisted mind of the Ripper, whose bloody death toll would eventually include five prostitutes. Heather Graham co-stars as a call girl who fears she may be next on the madman's list. Also with Ian Holm, Katrin Cartlidge and Robbie Coltrane. Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes (Menace II Society). (R) (AC,AL,GV,N)

PRODUCER : Jane Hamsher,Don Murphy,Albert Hughes,Allen Hughes,Amy Robinson,Thomas M. Hammel

CAST : Johnny Depp,Heather Graham,Ian Holm,Robbie Coltrane

WRITER : Terry Hayes,Rafael Yglesias,Alan Moore,Eddie Campbell

DIRECTOR : Albert Hughes,Allen Hughes

Genre : Suspense