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Gran Torino

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Summary: Crusty widower Clint Eastwood forms an unlikely bond with his Asian neighbors in a gang-infested Detroit neighborhood in this gripping drama. Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) is a retired autoworker and Korean war veteran whose solitary life consists of caring for his pristine 1972 Gran Torino and uttering an endless array of racist remarks. When gang tactics leave a na´ve Hmong teen in Walt's debt, a surprising relationship develops that change the curmudgeonly old man's life forever. "The hard-headed, snarly mouthed Clint Eastwood of the 1970s comes growling back to life" (Variety). Directed by Clint Eastwood; screenplay by Nick Schenk, story by Dave Johannson & Nick Schenk. (R) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Clint Eastwood,Robert Lorenz,Bill Gerber,Jenette Kahn,Adam Richman,Tim Moore,Bruce Berman

CAST : Clint Eastwood

WRITER : Nick Schenk,Nick Schenk,Dave Johannson

DIRECTOR : Clint Eastwood

Genre : Drama