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Hamlet 2

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Summary: A talentless high-school drama teacher lays it all on the line as he attempts to mount his dream project--a musical sequel to Hamlet. Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan) is an uber-loser: his depressed wife is cheating on him, he's got numerous physical and emotional issues and his stage shows are so bad, the Tuscon school he works at has cut the drama program out of the budget. But what he does have is a boundless enthusiasm as he adds time travel, Elisabeth Shue, The Gay Men's Chorus and more to Shakespeare's classic tragedy. Catherine Keener, David Arquette, Amy Poehler and Elisabeth Shue star. Directed by Andrew Fleming; written by Pam Brady and Andrew Fleming. (R) (AC,AL,BN)

PRODUCER : Eric Eisner,Aaron Ryder,Leonid Rozhetskin,Albert Berger,Michael Flynn,Ron Yerxa

CAST : Steve Coogan,Catherine Keener,David Arquette,Amy Poehler,Elisabeth Shue

WRITER : Pam Brady,Andrew Fleming

DIRECTOR : Andrew Fleming

Genre : Comedy