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Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 27: The Three Little Pigs

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Summary: In this animated musical special that features a feminist take on a classic tale, HBO presents The Three Little Pigs. The all-star voice cast includes country singer Loretta Lynn as Deli Porkchop, a retired singer who runs a camp for girl piglets (Tyra Banks, Courteney Cox and Sandra Oh), who build their homes while keeping their eyes peeled for the big, bad Wolfgang (Sinbad). (TVY) (NA)

PRODUCER : Donna Brown-Guillaume,Meryl Marshall,Willard Carroll,Thomas Wilhite,Libby Simon,Carole Rosen

CAST : Robert Guillaume,Peter Renaday,Julie Brown,Brian Reddy,Loretta Lynn,Tyra Banks,Courteney Cox,Sandra Oh,Sinbad

WRITER : Tama Janowitz,Tama Janowitz

DIRECTOR : Anthony Bell

Genre : Animation