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The Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 32: Henny Penny

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Summary: It's election time in the barnyard and Henny Penny (voice of Sharon Stone) has the whole flock in an uproar because she thinks the sky is falling! Robert Guillaume narrates this delightful animated political satire adapted by author Molly Ivins. Additional voices by Henry Kissinger, Johnnie Cochran, Rudolph Giuliani, Geraldine Ferraro, Alan Dershowitz and Mary Hart. (TVY) (NA)

CAST : Alan Dershowitz,Mary Hart,Jesse Jackson Sr.,Geraldine Ferraro,Robert Guillaume,Sharon Stone,Henry Kissinger,Johnnie Cochran,Rudolph Giuliani

PRODUCER : Donna Brown-Guillaume,Meryl Marshall,Willard Carroll,Thomas Wilhite,Libby Simon,Carole Rosen

WRITER : Molly Ivins,Eddie Feldmann

DIRECTOR : Anthony Bell

Genre : Animation