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Head of State

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Summary: Chris Rock takes his spirited style of humor to the White House in this outrageous political comedy about a black Washington, D.C. politician who finds himself thrust into the race for president. Mays Gilliam (Rock) is a hard-working alderman whose run of bad luck ends when he's selected to run for president after his party's top candidate is killed in a plane crash. He's expected to lose...until his straight-shooting message begins to connect with voters to the dismay of his smarmy opponent. Bernie Mac is a riot as Mays' anger-prone brother/running mate. Also with Dylan Baker, Nick Searcy, Robin Givens and Lynn Whitfield. (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Ali LeRoi,Chris Rock,Michael Rotenberg,Ezra Swerdlow

CAST : Chris Rock,Bernie Mac,Dylan Baker,Nick Searcy,Robin Givens,Lynn Whitfield,Tamala Jones,James Rebhorn

WRITER : Chris Rock,Ali LeRoi

DIRECTOR : Chris Rock

Genre : Comedy