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I Spy

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Summary: Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson team up as the classic mismatched spy duo who must retrieve a valuable stolen aircraft from an international felon in this comical remake of the hit TV show. Murphy and Wilson reprise the roles made famous by Bill Cosby and Robert Culp as the international espionage partners who pursue global villains for the U.S. government. When the President reports a vital U.S. Stealth plane called the Switchblade stolen, Kelly Robinson (Murphy), a suave boxing champ, is paired with Alex Scott (Wilson) a socially awkward, but bright government agent to find the criminals and recover the high-tech jet. Co-starring Famke Janssen and Malcolm McDowell. Directed by Betty Thomas; based on a story by Marianne Wibberley & Cormac Wibberley; screenplay by Marianne Wibberley & Cormac Wibberley and Jay Scherick & David Ronn. (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Mario Kassar,Betty Thomas,Jenno Topping,Andrew G. Vajna,Warren Carr,David R. Ginsburg,Marc Toberoff

CAST : Eddie Murphy,Owen Wilson,Famke Janssen,Malcolm McDowell

WRITER : Marianne Wibberley,Jay Scherick,David Ronn,Cormac Wibberley,Marianne Wibberley,Cormac Wibberley

DIRECTOR : Betty Thomas

Genre : Action