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Immigration Tango

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Summary: Romantic hijinks ensue when a Russian immigrant and her Colombian boyfriend--both of whose visas are set to expire--concoct a plan to get green cards by 'marrying' their best friends. Starring McCaleb Burnett, Elika Portnoy, Ashley Wolfe, Beth Glover, Avery Sommers, Steve DuMouchel and Carlos Leon. Directed by David Burton Morris; written by Martin Kelley Robert Lee and David Burton Morris and Todd Norwood. (R) (AC,AL,BN)

PRODUCER : Elika Portnoy

CAST : McCaleb Burnett,Elika Portnoy,Ashley Wolfe,Beth Glover,Avery Sommers,Steve DuMouchel,Carlos Leon

WRITER : Martin Kelley,Robert Lee,Todd Norwood,David Morris

DIRECTOR : David Morris

Genre : Comedy