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Insomnia (2002)

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Summary: An LAPD detective sent to Alaska to investigate a homicide commits a mortal mistake that forces him into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a serial killer in this "taut, tense and terrific" (Rolling Stone) remake of the 1997 Norwegian thriller. Al Pacino stars as Will Dormer, a veteran cop whose questionable methods have sparked an Internal Affairs inquiry that has him sent to look into a serial slaying in the town of Nightmute--where it's daylight around the clock. But Dormer's stress and inability to sleep result in a critical error that connects him to the killer...and forces him into the terrible dilemma of deciding between saving his career and stopping the madman. Robin Williams and Hilary Swank (Boys Dont Cry) co-star. Directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento). (R) (AC,AL,BN,V)

PRODUCER : Broderick Johnson,Paul Junger Witt,Andrew A. Kosove,Edward L. McDonnell,George Clooney,Steven Soderbergh,Kim Roth,Charles J.D. Schlissel,Tony Thomas

CAST : Al Pacino,Robin Williams,Hilary Swank,Maura Tierney,Martin Donovan,Nicky Katt,Paul Dooley

WRITER : Hillary Seitz

DIRECTOR : Christopher Nolan

Genre : Drama