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Joe Kidd

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Summary: In this fast-paced western, a mysterious gunman is hired by a villainous rancher to do his dirty work for him. Clint Eastwood stars as the hired gun who lives by his own code. Robert Duvall is the New Mexico land baron paying him to track down a Mexican-American peasant (John Saxon) who is fighting for his people's ancestral lands. Co-starring Don Stroud, Stella Garcia and James Wainwright. Directed by John Sturges; written by Elmore Leonard. (PG) (AL,V)

PRODUCER : Sidney Beckerman,Robert Daley

CAST : Clint Eastwood,Robert Duvall,John Saxon,Don Stroud,Stella Garcia,James Wainwright

WRITER : Elmore Leonard

DIRECTOR : John Sturges

Genre : Action