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Johnson Family Vacation

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Summary: Cedric the Entertainer steers onto the highway to hell as a patriarch who leads his hapless family on a dreadful road trip to their family reunion. Hopping into a tricked-out Lincoln Navigator, the Johnson family--dad Nate, wife Dorothy, rapper son DJ, trashy daughter Nikki, and youngest daughter Destiny (along with her invisible dog)--begin a trek from California to Missouri that gets sidetracked by everything from a sexy satanic hitchhiker to an ill-fated hot-tub dip. Co-starring Bow Wow, Vanessa Williams, Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Harvey as Nate's ultra-competitive brother. Directed by Christopher Erskin; written by Todd R. Jones & Earl Richey Jones. (PG13) (AC,AL,MV)

CAST : Cedric the Entertainer,Bow Wow,Vanessa Williams,Shannon Elizabeth,Steve Harvey

PRODUCER : Cedric the Entertainer,Paul Hall,Wendy Park,Eric C. Rhone,Andrew Sugerman

WRITER : Todd R. Jones,Earl Richey Jones

DIRECTOR : Christopher Erskin

Genre : Family