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Kindergarten Cop

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Summary: Teaching is anything but elementary for L.A. cop Arnold Schwarzenegger as he goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to nab a criminal in this comedy. Stopping the bad guy is tough enough...but does the mighty Arnold have what it takes to survive this classroom of rambunctious rugrats? Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Linda Hunt, Richard Tyson and Carroll Baker. Directed by Ivan Reitman; written by Murray Salem, Herschel Weingrod and Timothy Harris. (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Ivan Reitman,Brian Grazer,Michael C. Gross,Joe Medjuck

CAST : Arnold Schwarzenegger,Penelope Ann Miller,Pamela Reed,Linda Hunt,Richard Tyson,Carroll Baker

WRITER : Murray Salem,Herschel Weingrod,Timothy Harris,Murray Salem

DIRECTOR : Ivan Reitman

Genre : Comedy