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Laurel Canyon

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Summary: Frances McDormand stars as a music producer whose rock-'n'-roll career conflicts with her son's conservative lifestyle in their Laurel Canyon home. Jane Bentley (McDormand) is an award-winning producer who hangs with strung-out rockers and dates a 20-year-old singer. When her conservative son Sam (Christian Bale) and his equally uptight fianc?e Alex (Kate Beckinsale) arrive at Jane's Laurel Canyon home for a vacation, they are disappointed to find Jane and her musician friends already occupying the house. The sex-and-drugs setting impacts the young couple in surprisingly different ways that leads them down a daring new path. Natascha McElhone (Solaris) and Alessandro Nivola co-star. Written and directed by Lisa Cholodenko (High Art). (R) (AC,AL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Jeffrey Levy-Hinte,Susan A. Stover,Scott Ferguson

CAST : Frances McDormand,Christian Bale,Kate Beckinsale,Natascha McElhone,Alessandro Nivola,Louis Knox Barlow,Russell Pollard,Imaad Wasif,Mickey Petralia,Melissa De Sousa

WRITER : Lisa Cholodenko

DIRECTOR : Lisa Cholodenko

Genre : Comedy