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Lucia, Lucia

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Summary: A desperate wife provides ransom money to rescue her kidnapped husband and becomes entangled in his criminal affairs. Lucia and Ramon are about to depart on a lavish vacation when Ramon is kidnapped for ransom by a group of radicals. As local police investigate to no avail, Lucia teams up with neighbors Felix and Adrian who help obtain the ransom money from a safe-deposit box at Ramon's instruction. But as police search for answers, Lucia soon finds herself involved in her husband's schemes. Starring Cecilia Roth, Carlos Alvarez-Novoa and Kuno Becker. Written and directed by Antonio Serrano, based on the novel 'La Hija del Canibal' by Rosa Montero. (R) (AC,AL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Matthias Ehrenberg,Epigmenio Ibarra,Carlos Payan,Inna Payan,Christian Valdelievre

CAST : Cecilia Roth,Carlos Alvarez-Novoa,Kuno Becker

WRITER : Antonio Serrano,Rosa Montero

DIRECTOR : Antonio Serrano

Genre : Drama