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Monster's Ball

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Summary: A series of tragedies ignites an explosive love affair in this drama for which Halle Berry won the 2001 Academy Award(R) for Best Actress. Leticia (Berry) is a tough waitress and mother about to lose her convict husband to the death penalty. Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) is the middle member of three generations of prison guards, all living together in a house seething with unhappiness. Hardened by his work, Hank falls somewhere in between his viciously racist father (Peter Boyle) and his sensitive, motherless son (Heath Ledger). Hank and Leticia meet first as waitress and customer in a diner, but they grow closer in their mutual need for sympathy and understanding, unaware of a terrible tie that binds them. With Sean Combs, Mos Def. Directed by Marc Forster. Written by Milo Addica, Will Rokos. (R) (AC,AL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Lee Daniels,Michael Burns,Michael Paseornek,Mark Urman

CAST : Billy Bob Thornton,Halle Berry,Heath Ledger,Peter Boyle,Sean Combs,Mos Def,Will Rokos,Milo Addica

WRITER : Milo Addica,Will Rokos

DIRECTOR : Marc Forster

Genre : Romance