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Phantasm II

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Summary: The ball is back! "A must for nightmare-movie buffs" (New York Daily News), this sequel to the hit horror flick is a feast of grisly special effects and heart-pounding suspense. With the phantom Tall Man terrorizing an Oregon town with his brain-drilling, blood-draining flying spheres, it's up to Mike and Reggie to hunt him down. Starring James LeGros, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man; also with Paula Irvine and Kenneth Tigar. Written and directed by Don Coscarelli. (R) (AL,GV,N)

PRODUCER : Dac Coscarelli,Roberto Quezada

CAST : Kenneth Tigar,Angus Scrimm,James Le Gros,Reggie Bannister,Paula Irvine

WRITER : Don Coscarelli

DIRECTOR : Don Coscarelli

Genre : Horror