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Summary: It seems to be the perfect crime. A baggy-pants clown with floppy shoes and painted grin holds up a New York bank. Accomplices are fully rehearsed, the ultimate getaway is planned. What can go wrong? How about everything! Bill Murray stars as the idealistic city planner turned master criminal, trying to flee with his loot, in this wacky comedy caper. Girlfriend Geena Davis and pal Randy Quaid are his cohorts in crime. Jason Robards co-stars. Directed by Howard Franklin and Bill Murray; screenplay by Howard Franklin, based on the book by Jay Cronley. (R) (AC,AL)

CAST : Bill Murray,Geena Davis,Randy Quaid,Jason Robards

PRODUCER : Robert Greenhut,Bill Murray,Frederic Golchan

WRITER : Howard Franklin,Jay Cronley

DIRECTOR : Howard Franklin,Bill Murray

Genre : Crime