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Rock Star

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Summary: The lead vocalist of a heavy-metal cover band sees his dream of rock stardom become a reality in this rise-and-fall story. Mark Wahlberg stars as Chris "Izzy" Coles, a Pittsburgh youth whose obsession with the band Steel Dragon gets him canned from his cover band--and hired by the real Steel Dragon to replace their current singer! From there, it's a rollicking ride into the rock-'n'-roll lifestyle, complete with wild concerts, adoring girls and plentiful parties. But will Chris let his newfound success tear apart the relationships of his old life, including one with his girlfriend Emily (Jennifer Aniston)? With Jason Flemyng, Timothy Olyphant, Timothy Spall and Dominic West. Directed by Stephen Herek (Mr. Hollands Opus); screenplay by John Stockwell. (R) (AC,AL,N)

PRODUCER : Toby Jaffe,Robert Lawrence,George Clooney,Mike Ockrent,Steven Reuther

CAST : Dominic West,Mark Wahlberg,Jennifer Aniston,Jason Flemyng,Timothy Olyphant,Timothy Spall

WRITER : John Stockwell

DIRECTOR : Stephen Herek

Genre : Musical