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Role Models

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Summary: Misdemeanor stupidity leaves two immature energy-drink salesmen doing community service as mentors to young kids in this comedy. Faced with a choice of jail time or 150 hours of service for "Sturdy Wings," the party-hearty Wheeler (Seann William Scott) and his moody partner Danny (Paul Rudd) find themselves paired with a foul-mouthed small fry and a geek obsessed with a fantasy role-playing game. Can they fulfill their service without screwing their young charges up even worse? Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jane Lynch and Elizabeth Banks co-star. Directed by David Wain; screenplay by Paul Rudd & David Wain & Ken Marino and Timothy Dowling, story by Timothy Dowling and William Blake Herron. (R) (AC,GL,MV,N)

PRODUCER : Mary Parent,Scott Stuber,Luke Greenfield,Dan Kolsrud,Andrew Z. Davis,Matt Seigel,William Sherak,Jason Shuman

CAST : Seann William Scott,Paul Rudd,Christopher Mintz-Plasse,Jane Lynch,Elizabeth Banks

WRITER : Paul Rudd,David Wain,Ken Marino,Timothy Dowling,Timothy Dowling,William Blake Herron

DIRECTOR : David Wain

Genre : Drama