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Summary: He came to this country in search of the American Dream...and found wealth, power and passion beyond his wildest imagination. Al Pacino delivers one of his most riveting performances as Tony Montana, the small-time punk who vaults to the top of Florida's crime world. Director Brian DePalma (Body Double) pulls no punches in his graphic depiction of gangland warfare, murder for profit and underworld drug dealing. Michele Pfeiffer plays a gangster's moll; Steven Bauer is a hood in love with Tony's sister. (R) (AL,GV,N)

PRODUCER : Martin Bregman,Louis A. Stroller

CAST : Al Pacino,Michelle Pfeiffer,Steven Bauer,Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio,Robert Loggia,Miriam Colon,F. Murray Abraham

WRITER : Oliver Stone

DIRECTOR : Brian De Palma

Genre : Crime