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Simon Birch

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Summary: The lifelong friendship between two small-town outcasts--a boy with arrested growth who believes that he was born to do something big, and a boy who is searching for the identity of his father--is the focus of this moving fable that Roger Ebert called "funny and warm-hearted." Joseph Mazzello, Oliver Platt, David Strathairn, Ian Michael Smith, Dana Ivey and Ashley Judd star. Written for the screen and directed by Mark Steven Johnson; suggested by the novel ''A Prayer for Owen Meany'' by John Irving. (PG) (AC,MV)

PRODUCER : Roger Birnbaum,Laurence Mark

CAST : Joseph Mazzello,Oliver Platt,David Strathairn,Ian Smith,Dana Ivey,Ashley Judd

WRITER : Mark Steven Johnson,John Irving

DIRECTOR : Mark Steven Johnson

Genre : Drama