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Snow Dogs

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Summary: Dog-hating dentist Cuba Gooding Jr. receives an inheritance that really bites--a championship-caliber dogsled team! It's canine comedy at its finest as the seven Siberian huskies and a border collie help him to find his true calling. Co-starring James Coburn, Nichelle Nichols and Graham Greene. Directed by Brian Levant; screenplay by Jim Kouf and Tommy Swerdlow & Michael Goldberg and Mark Gibson & Philip Halprin, suggested by the book "Winterdance" by Gary Paulsen. (PG) (AC,MV)

PRODUCER : Jordan Kerner,Christine Whitaker,Casey Grant

CAST : Cuba Gooding Jr.,James Coburn,Sisqo,Nichelle Nichols,Graham Greene

WRITER : Jim Kouf,Tommy Swerdlow,Michael Goldberg,Mark Gibson,Philip Halprin,Gary Paulsen

DIRECTOR : Brian Levant

Genre : Comedy