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The Golden Compass

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Summary: A young girl undertakes a perilous Arctic journey in this mystical adventure film based on the popular British book series. Set in a parallel England, society is ruled by a daunting body known as the Magisterium--and children are rapidly disappearing. Young orphan Lyra is comfortably cared for at a university, but when her best friend suddenly vanishes, Lyra--armed with a unique compass that can reveal truth--sets out on a daring mission to save lives, souls...and possibly the universe. Nicole Kidman co-stars as the precarious Mrs. Coulter who leads Lyra to the arctic region. Also with Sam Elliott, Eva Green, Dakota Blue Richards and Daniel Craig. Winner of the 2007 Academy Award(R) for Best Visual Effects. Screenplay by and directed by Chris Weitz, based on the novel Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. (PG13) (MV)

PRODUCER : Robert Shaye,Michael Lynne,Toby Emmerich,Mark Ordesky,Ileen Maisel,Andrew Miano,Paul Weitz,Deborah Forte,Bill Carraro

CAST : Nicole Kidman,Dakota Blue Richards,Daniel Craig,Sam Elliott,Eva Green

WRITER : Chris Weitz,Philip Pullman

DIRECTOR : Chris Weitz

Genre : Fantasy