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The Wash

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Summary: Rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg play roommates who find themselves at odds after they begin working together in this raucous comedy. Dre has just been fired from his job and can't pay his share of the rent, leading Dogg to land him a managerial position at a car wash he works at (and uses as a place to meet ladies and sell weed!). When Dre begins taking his new authority a bit too far, it leads to trouble between the two friends, until they are forced to team up to save their boss (George Wallace) from idiotic kidnappers! With Angell Conwell and Tommy "Tiny" Lister, and featuring cameos by Pauly Shore, Shaquille O'Neal and Tommy Chong. Written and directed by D.J. Pooh (Friday). (R) (AC,AL,BN,V)

PRODUCER : Phillip G. Atwell,Snoop Dogg,Dr. Dre,Rick Freeman,Kip Konwiser,Tom Ortenberg,Michael Paseornek,DJ Pooh

CAST : Dr. Dre,Snoop Dogg,Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.,George Wallace



Genre : Comedy