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Collateral Beauty

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Summary: After a hotshot New York advertising exec suffers a personal tragedy, he falls into a deep depression and a downward spiral. But when he starts writing letters to 'Love,''Time' and 'Death,' he receives startling responses that help him deal with his grief. Will Smith, Edward Norton and Keira Knightley head an all-star ensemble cast in this poignant drama. Co-starring Michael Pena, Noamie Harris, Jacob Latimore, with Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren. Directed by David Frankel; written by Allan Loeb. (PG13) (AC,AL,MV)

PRODUCER : Bard Dorros,Michael Sugar,Allan Loeb,Anthony Bregman

CAST : Will Smith,Edward Norton,Keira Knightley,Michael Pena,Naomie Harris,Jacob Latimore,Kate Winslet,Helen Mirren

WRITER : Allan Loeb

DIRECTOR : David Frankel

Genre : Drama