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VICE 55: Assad's Syria & Cost of Climate Change

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Summary: Season Five Premiere. "Assad's Syria" - After six years of civil war, Syria's longtime dictator Bashar al-Assad is now poised to re-take full control of his country. Backed by Russian forces and a relentless bombing campaign, Assad's army rolled into Aleppo in late 2016, toppling the rebel resistance. Isobel Yeung travels through regime-controlled Syria to see how Assad prevailed and to find out what might happen next in his crippled country. "Cost of Climate Change" - The first effects of climate change are being felt across the U.S., and projections show $40 Trillion in damage worldwide over the next five decades. As costs begin to mount, so do allegations that powerful interests in the oil and gas industry, like ExxonMobil, denied climate science and delayed corrective measures. Now, in the face of a scientific consensus, and with the Trump administration ushering some of these very same climate deniers into the highest levels of government, Shane Smith follows the money to see the true economic stakes of decades of denial. (TV14) (AC)

PRODUCER : Alex Waterfield,Isobel Yeung,Matthew Horowitz,Shane Smith,Jonah Kaplan,Tim Clancy,Josh Tyrangiel,Eddy Moretti,Bill Maher

CAST : Isobel Yeung,Shane Smith

Genre : Documentary