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HBO: True Blood: Cast & Crew


Sookie Stackhouse Sookie Stackhouse

played by Anna Paquin

Bill Compton Bill Compton

played by Stephen Moyer

Sam Merlotte Sam Merlotte

played by Sam Trammell

Jason Stackhouse Jason Stackhouse

played by Ryan Kwanten

Tara Thornton Tara Thorton

played by Rutina Wesley

Pam Swynford de Beaufort Pam

played by Kristin Bauer

Lafayette Reynolds Lafayette Reynolds

played by Nelsan Ellis

Eric Northman Eric Northman

played by Alexander Skarsgard

Jessica Hamby Jessica Hamby

played by Deborah Ann Woll

Detective Andy Bellefleur Andy Bellefleur

played by Chris Bauer

Arlene Fowler arlene-fowler

played by Carrie Preston

Holly Cleary holly

played by Lauren Bowles

Alcide Herveaux alcide-herveaux

played by Joe Manganiello

Sarah Newlin True Blood

played by Anna Camp

Hoyt Fortenberry Hoyt Fortenberry

played by Jim Parrack

Willa Burrell Willa Burrell

played by Amelia Rose Blaire

Nicole Wright Nicole Wright

played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell

James Kent True Blood

played by Nathan Parsons

Violet Mazurski True Blood

played by Karolina Wydra

Adilyn Bellefleur trueblood

played by Bailey Noble

Reverend Daniels True Blood

played by Gregg Daniel

Lettie Mae Daniels Lettie Mae Thornton

played by Adina Porter

Introduced Season 6

Governor Truman Burrell Governor Truman Burrell

played by Arliss Howard

Niall Brigant Niall Brigant

played by Rutger Hauer

Ben Flynn Ben Flynn

played by Rob Kazinsky

Introduced Season 5

Claude Claude

played by Giles Matthey

Salome Agrippa Salome

played by Valentina Cervi

Patrick Devins patrick

played by Scott Foley

Nora Gainesborough nora

played by Lucy Griffiths

Martha Bozeman martha

played by Dale Dickey

Roman Zimojic roman

played by Chris Meloni

Introduced Season 4

Marnie Stonebrook Marnie Fiona Shaw

played by Fiona Shaw

Naomi Naomi Vedette Lim

played by Vedette Lim

Katerina Pelham Katerina Alexandra Breckenridge

played by Alexandra Breckenridge

Luna Garza Luna Janina Gavankar

played by Janina Gavankar

Portia Bellefleur Portia Bellefleur Courtney Ford

played by Courtney Ford

Introduced Season 3

Jesus Velasquez Jesus Velasquez

played by Kevin Alejandro

Tommy Mickens Tommy Mickens

played by Marshall Allman

Russell Edgington Russell Edgington

played by Denis O'Hare

Crystal Norris Crystal Norris

played by Lindsay Pulsipher

Cooter Cooter

played by Grant Bowler

Debbie Pelt Debbie

played by Brit Morgan

Talbot Talbot

played by Theo Alexander

Franklin Mott Franklin Mott

played by James Frain

Melinda Mickens Melinda Mickens

played by J. Smith-Cameron

Joe Lee Mickens Joe Lee Mickens

played by Cooper Huckabee

Introduced Season 2

Sophie-Anne Sophie Anne

played by Evan Rachel Wood

Godric Godric

played by Allan Hyde

Daphne Daphne at Marlette's

played by Ashley Jones

Steve Newlin steve-newlin

played by Michael McMillian

Luke McDonald Luke

played by Wes Brown

Karl Karl

played by Adam Leadbeater

Introduced Season 1

Lorena Lorena

played by Mariana Klaveno

Maryann Forrester Maryann Forrester

played by Michelle Forbes

Sheriff Bud Dearborne Sheriff Bud Dearborne

played by William Sanderson

Eggs (Benedict Talley) Eggs Benedict Talley

played by Mehcad Brooks

Adele Hale Stackhouse (Gran) Adele Hale Stackhouse

played by Lois Smith

Rene Lenier Rene Lenier

played by Michael Raymond James

Terry Bellefleur terry-bellefleur

played by Todd Lowe

Maxine Fortenberry Maxine

played by Dale Raoul

The Magister The Magister

played by Zeljko Ivanek

Nan Flanagan Nan Flanagan

played by Jessica Tuck

Amy Burley Amy Burley

played by Lizzy Caplan

Malcolm Malcolm

played by Andrew Rothenberg

Diane Diane

played by Aunjaneu Ellis

Liam Liam

played by Graham Shiels

Producers & Writers

Alan Ball

Executive Producer

Gregg D. Fienberg

Executive Producer

Brian Buckner

Executive Producer

Alexander Woo

Executive Producer

Angela Robinson

Co-Executive Producer

Christina Jokanovich


Marlis Pujol

Line Producer

David Auge

Line Producer

Daniel Kenneth

Script Coordinator

Benjamin Hayes

Writers Assistant


Lesli Glatter

Michael Lehmann

Daniel Minahan

David Petrarca

Jeremy Podeswa

Michael Ruscio

Romeo Tirone

Scott Winant

Stephen Moyer

Dan Attias

Howard Deutch

Anthony Hemingway


Suzuki Ingerslev

Production Designer

Catherine "Cat" Smith

Art Director

Daniel Bradford

Set Designer

Audrey Fisher

Costume Desinger

Department Head: Hair

David Fields

Department Head: Make-up

Brigette Myre Ellis